How you digitize your tennis club – Step 1 – Website

The digital transformation has changed entire industries in recent years. The tennis scene is not one of them. Tennis centers and tennis clubs are still barely digitized. And that is exactly what will become an ever-greater problem in the future. While all industries and thus many consumers and users are increasingly relying on digitization products and services, this is not possible in tennis. We are convinced that the first step in digialization is creating an own tennis club website.

Why your tennis club needs an own website?


Clubs report that online reservations mean that visitors come to the tennis facility even without playing tennis, to watch challenge or tournament games or simply because they know who is on the tennis court. Game dates, whether in a competition or as training, can be arranged more easily and increase utilization. Due to the high number of viewers, the advertising space is also very attractive for sponsors and can be used for refinancing.


Of course, there are many other ways to make a tennis club better known and more attractive. The fact is, however, that modern technologies not only make tennis clubs more attractive to players, but the clubs themselves can also benefit enormously. With the use of the right tools, the administrative effort can be reduced, the utilization of the places can be reliably monitored and so on. The possibilities are endless when you get involved. So: Take the leap into the future and use the potential of modern technology to move your tennis club forward.

STEP 1 – Own tennis club website

The first step towards digitization is made easy. We are convinced that your own club website should be the linchpin of every digitalization strategy. In principle, it is even possible, with the right system (CMS), to organize and manage everything in and around your club. Creating your own homepage is often free of charge!

The advantage of a website is that everything that the trainers and administrators change can be seen live on the club website immediately. Whether it is a new activity in the calendar or a club news – your members are up to date.

CMS (Content Management System) for clubs with WordPress

With a CMS like WordPress you can create a club website for free and you are completely independent of any software manufacturer and decide for yourself what should be on your club website and what should not. The following features are often implemented on a club’s website, but it is up to you whether you do it for yourself.

Create a club homepage – individually

  • News: Of course, you can also post any club or team news on your club website. If you are interested, the news can be placed directly on the homepage or a blog page
  • Pictures and galleries: There are no limits to your creativity. Place individual pictures on the various pages of the club’s website or work with a slide show.
  • Online reservation: An online reservation increases the utilization of the facility, the service for athletes and saves time in administration. With an online reservation you have countless options that are available to you! This can also be easily expanded using a WordPress plugin.
  • Contact form: This is how potential new members can contact you and ask questions or applications. Creating the club website can pay off for this alone.
  • Sponsor slider: The homepage for clubs offers you the perfect platform to represent your sponsors. You can do this in the form of a slide show or individual pictures.

This is just a selection of the tools you can use with WordPress. Most of the functions are already integrated in WordPress or can simply be expanded using a plugin.

Club website for clubs and teams

While you can represent news, pictures, and activities of the club, you can of course do the same for the individual teams. For example, you can also create separate team pages on the club’s website. So that the individual members, parents, or fans can always find information and news that are of interest to them. Under the team pages you can insert the team calendar with all activities, as well as present the current team photo. Here you also can portray the players and coaches of the respective team. You can decide how much information you want to display on the club’s website.

Create the club homepage and win new members

The team pages are also useful as external visitors can directly view the activities of the team that interest them. You can also create registration forms on the homepage so that interested parties can apply directly to join a team.

A well-designed club homepage can be crucial in attracting new members who happen to land on your homepage. Fill your club website with rules, statutes, the history of the club, pictures and everything that attracts potential members.

Create club homepage: Who is responsible?

The club homepage is part of the club level. There should therefore also be a responsible person within the association who has the right to create, edit and publish the association’s website. You can also delegate the responsibility for the club’s website to other people, so that not only one person is responsible. This can be helpful if the webmaster leaves the club – so you still have people in the club who are familiar with the club website.

Club website with its own domain

If you already had a club website before and would like to continue using your old domain with the new WordPress site, that is no problem at all. You can simply use this for your new club website. For the individual steps to your own domain, you can contact your web space provider or our support directly as well. We will be happy to help.

CMS for clubs – the analysis

The club’s homepage can be connected to the free “Google Analytics” tool. As soon as this connection is established, you can analyze the behavior of your visitors. You can e.g. find out how long visitors have been on the various pages, which pages on the club website work particularly well or which should be revised. Google Analytics can be a very helpful tool if you want to analyze your data.

Google Analytcs in WordPress Backend

Call up club homepage at any time

The club’s homepage can be visited via PC, smartphone and tablet and you have the option of placing your own advertising in the form of banners on the page, for example if you want to advertise the start of the season or parties.

If you would like to create a club website and need support, you can of course contact our support at any time. Until then, we hope you enjoy trying it out.

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