7 Things the best Online Reservation System Should Have

More people now prefer to book their appointments online. They don’t want to waste time waiting for their turn, or calling in their appointment with a customer service representative. It’s easier to go to a website or an app, and then reserve their slot.

That’s why service providers like hotels, restaurants, salons, and sports clubs need to have an online reservation system. But it doesn’t just benefit your customers – it can also help your operations become more efficient.

Benefits of an Online Reservation System

  • You improve customer satisfaction. Customers will value the convenience, and may even be willing to pay more for your service. You also avoid overbooking, and the potential backlash of a customer who waited for too long.
  • You can manage your manpower and resources. You know how many customers you will have that day, and can prepare your facilities and assign your staff.
  • You can gather relevant marketing data. You can track and analyze bookings to know peak hours and peak days. You can also know which customers tend to book more frequently and can reward them for their loyalty, or identify customers who have left and retarget them for your marketing campaigns.

How to Choose an Online Reservation System for your tennis club

The best online reservation systems should have features that help the customer and your business. It should also be easy for anyone to use – because there is nothing more frustrating than a failed booking.

Here the questions to ask when choosing the right online reservation system for your business.

How smooth and intuitive is the booking process?

Not all your customers are Internet-savvy. For example, a tennis club may have retirees who rarely use their smartphones and aren’t used to booking or buying products online. The booking process must be so simple and seamless that your grandmother can use it.

Is it easy to view and change a booking?

Plans change. Customers may need to move or cancel their booking. They should be able to do this easily, and it should reflect in your system in real-time. If you have a policy about reservations (for example, a deadline for canceling events without having to pay a penalty fee) the system should also be able to notify the customer.

Can you add promo codes, smartphone notifications, and other special features?

Your business may have on-going marketing plans and customer satisfaction initiatives. Ideally, you can integrate these within your online reservation system. Not only will it be easier for you to promote your business, but from a marketing perspective, it creates a unified customer journey.

Is it mobile friendly?

People now access the Internet with multiple devices: computers, tablets, smartphones. Your website should be able to load and perform accurately on all gadgets.

Trends also show that most people use their phones to book appointments or buy products and services. A mobile-friendly website looks good on all screen sizes and loads quickly. That is very important because Google research has found that customers will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, an online reservation system has to be fast, or people won’t stay long enough to find out about its other features.

Is it affordable?

One reason why small clubs or businesses are wary of getting an online bookings system is that they’re wary of the cost.

However, providers like Court Reservation offer very affordable packages. You can have your online registration system for as low as $34.99 a year, or upgrade for more features at just $69.99 a year. You can also get additional savings by signing up for the Lifetime Membership.

Try your Online Reservation System now

Want to try it for free? You can download a basic version, and watch a demo so you can see how the features work. Visit Court Reservation for more information.

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