What Are the Rules in a Pyramid Competition?

What Are the Rules in a Pyramid Competition?

What Are the Rules in a Pyramid Competition?

Social tennis, or tennis pyramid competitions, are an exciting new game that began in 2019. The ladder league is played in a pyramid system of graduated steps.
The game ensures that folks from all walks of life can easily play a tennis match against others of the same measure. The objective of this game is to have fun! You have the opportunity to join with players in a pastime of friendly and enjoyable contests.

These fun competitions are quite like the game of ladders. Contestants are allowed to challenge one another to a game, and the winners advance and the losers are dropped down the ladder. The object of the game is to rise to the top of the pyramid while enjoying yourself. These can be great fun and wonderful social events. Pyramid competitions can be an activity done after work, on the weekends, or any planned time with friends.

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The Rules of a Pyramid Competition

So, what are the rules in a Pyramid Competition? They are actually quite simple and can also be adapted for different players.
The following information should help ensure that you have a fun time while making friends. 

Players and Court

There is a lot of wiggle room here as you are free to however many people and rows as you want. However, you can have many people to make division one and division two pyramids that are formed on your players’ abilities. Doing so is part of what makes the game so inclusive.


Scoring is another way to have fun with pyramid competitions. You will need to select a format for scoring for your game. A best of three tiebreak works great; however, shorter matches may be easier if you have younger players. Playing with little ones can be a little more challenging, but thankfully, by having different scoring formats to choose from, it can work for everyone involved. Your players can mark their own scores. It’s a good idea to think about using a format for scoring and completing the pyramid one day.


For your scoresheet, you will want to have a notice board to display the pyramid one. Use name cards to move, or perhaps, a plastic or wooden pyramid for names.
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Order of play

The person organizing the game will want to set a start date and a finish date for the event. Be sure to give at least three to four months. For example, if you were to start on August 1rst, you would strive to finish on November 1rst or December 1rst. Be sure to have players organize with the group so players can play on their own time. Players can then challenge one another in the correct order. To advance up the pyramid, the players should only challenge one up above their position. Players should never refuse a friendly challenge from someone below them. If any players still decline to challenges or cannot play the matches, they need to be removed from the game.

The End Result

The end result being, the player who is making it to the top, is the winner! It’s really quite simple when you think of it. Be sure to celebrate the winner and to be a good sport yourself.

The Advantages of a Pyramid Competition

Though the game’s objective is very similar to the ladder system game, it is easy to place more contestants clearly. This offers more changes to challenge other players, making it less likely the game will idle.

The Disadvantage of a Pyramid Competition

Be mindful that a not-so-talented player frequently challenges a decent player. This can be challenging but also a lot of fun! The timescale is anywhere from two hours to an entire season. However, a longer set period is best. There is a top tier of sixty players in the game. This allows for large groups of players to enjoy one another and have a great time. When using a pyramid, all players are put into a pyramid shape. On every lower line, participants are set to the above line.


Three ways to challenge: • You may challenge an opponent from an above line • Before attempting to challenge an opponent from an above line, you must overcome a player in the same line you are in • You may challenge every opponent onto the left of you and players on the above rung. If the challenger is the victor, he or she may take the place of the other patron. When on the left, only the people above can accept the challenge. This will reveal a horizontal as well as a perpendicular.

Changing the Format and the Rules of a Pyramid Competition

The good thing about the rules of a pyramid competition is that they are easily changed to conform to different kinds of players. If you are playing with children under the age of ten, or people of different ages, teams should be more or less a spirited event. If you are playing with people of an older crowd, the format can be altered to their speed as well. .

Using Fun Themes

Pyramid competitions can be a lot more exciting and much easier to encourage others if you give them a theme. Olympics, Davis Cup, or Family Day can give the game a more exciting appeal.
Remember, these pyramid competitions are a way to have fun. Try not to be too competitive, and you can have a great time with this game.

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