How to Onboard More Members to Your Tennis Club

How to Onboard More Members to Your Tennis Club

How to Onboard More Members to Your Tennis Club

Tennis is one of the world’s most popular games, but how do you attract more members to your tennis club? According to Statista, there are over 7000 tennis clubs in England. Plus, the United States is home to over 250,000 tennis courts. So you have a lot of competition to onboard members. There are many American tennis players; over 18 million U.S. citizens play tennis, including 345,000 high school students. There is no shortage of people playing the sport.

Let’s see How to onboard more members to your tennis club.

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Use a multi-sport system.

Numerous tennis clubs that were struggling to gain members decided to implement a multi-sport strategy. You don’t have to use the club purely for tennis; you can use it for hockey, seven-a-side football, seven-a-side rugby, or even basketball. 

If you’re offering great rates to play various sports, many people will start playing tennis. 

Having a diverse facility often attracts people to join because they see a wide range of opportunities and events. Choice opens the eyes of those who are unsure, and you may even build a group of tennis players who hadn’t considered playing the game. 

Build a social media following

Social media is an entity that many people avoid using when building a business. However, it is one of the best ways to bring eyes to your tennis clubs. Start a Facebook page and target those living in your local community. 

Instagram is a fabulous business opportunity because you can directly target your clients.  Also, if you’re looking to find people that might help you on a business level, you should utilize Linkedin. 

In 2021, people avoid using social media to build their brand, but it is essential. Plus, they are free platforms to use. 

Have an attractive website

If you have a great website, you can bring severe eyes to your tennis club. Make sure the website is aesthetic and easy to use. Some people try to cut costs and build a website themselves, and if you can create one, that is great. However, if you can’t, you can outsource your website on Upwork and Fiverr. 

More importantly, your website needs to be SEO optimized. Write tonnes of articles on tennis, and make sure you write articles that provide value. Once your website starts to rank on Google, people will begin to come. 

You want people to search for tennis clubs in your area, and your club ranks in the top three on google. 

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Use emails and newsletters.

Many business owners fail to utilize the importance of emails and newsletters. You could hire an email copywriter to use words that force the readers to take action and visit your club. 

If you combine special offers with creative emails, newsletters, and excellent copy, you can attract vast amounts of new members.

If you have on-going members, you can send offers via email that encourage them to bring their friends along to the club. For example, free day passes for friends and family members of current members. If you’re wondering How to onboard more members to your tennis club, this is a great way to do so. 

Have special offers

The importance of a fair offer – as cliche as it may sound – is understated, especially in the tennis club industry. One of the biggest hurdles that many people have when considering taking up tennis as a hobby is the fees required to join a tennis club. 

If you are not sure that you’ll enjoy playing tennis, you might decide against expensive tennis club fees.

That is where beginner-free programs can help immensely. Offer new members who are new to playing tennis the chance to start for free. Perhaps a month for free? Whatever it is, the opportunity to get people participating in tennis at your club is always a great way to entice new members to your tennis club. 

Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is vastly under-used by small businesses, but it is an excellent way to gain exposure to your tennis club. Did you know that YouTube is the second-most visited website on the globe? 

Besides, 37 percent of mobile traffic goes to YouTube, and YouTube has 2 billion users of all ages. Many eyes are on the website, it’s free to use, and you can start creating content that brings eyes to your tennis club. 

You could start a channel that focuses on necessary tennis skills, expert tennis skills, or even a website on building a tennis club? If you manage to tie your tennis club to your YouTube content – it can be a winning formula for your business. 


Cross-promote with local sports clubs

Are there lots of gyms, sports clubs, and health clubs in your area? If so, why not find a way to advertise in those clubs? It is an excellent way to your tennis club in front of active people, who are your potential client market. 

Furthermore, a great spot to find your future is clients at colleges and high schools, with over 345,000 students playing tennis; the potential is massive. 

Offering special offers to people at these places, including free day passes and free events, is a great idea. 

Get live radio or TV coverage.

You might think you need a considerable budget to get on these two forms of media, and you would be right for the most part. However, it is possible to run charity events that line up with the TV and radio stations. 

TV stations and radio stations are always attracted to a great charity event, and it can bring vast eyes and ears to your tennis club. You don’t always need thousands of dollars to get in front of tens of thousands of people’s ears and eyes. 


Tennis is a vastly popular sport, and it always will be. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world; people love playing tennis. It is a sport loved and played by every culture in every corner of the world. 

If you implement innovative digital marketing strategies, get your offers right, get your pricing right, and create excellent content, people will come down to the tennis club. These strategies are How to onboard more members to your tennis club.

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Padel Rules: How To Play Padel Tennis

Padel Rules: How To Play Padel Tennis

Padel Rules: How To Play Padel Tennis

It’s a sport that’s gathering a lot of interest these days and for good reason. Padel tennis is tennis with a kick, incorporating the walls and a new set of rules that are sure to keep your doubles-games exciting, competitive, and energetic. So, how is played and what do you need to get started? Today we are going to discuss how to play Padel tennis and let you know exactly what you need to start playing this exciting game for yourself. It is highly addictive, however, so consider yourself thoroughly warned!

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What is Padel tennis?

The first Padel tennis court was built by a man named Enrique Corcuera in 1969, at his vacation home in Acapulco. While he is given credit for inventing the game, some claim it goes back as far as the 1920’s, but whatever the case the game caught on. With the first official Padel courts soon built afterward in Spain, it got European attention and visiting Argentinian Polo players even took it back with them to South America.

Fast forward to modern-day and it’s all over the world, with a recent popularity boom which is growing in Sweden. It’s fun, fast-paced, and great for a little variety in your sports routine. There are, however, a few things that you will need if you want to get in on the action.

What does a Padel court look like?

A Padel court is a 4-walled area of play that has dimensions of 20 x 10 meters. It’s got a net in the center like you would with tennis, however, part of the fun is the fact that you can use the walls! The playing surface is supposed to be terracotta in shades of blue or green (per the official rules), but the court surface could be cement or even synthetic grass.

What equipment do you need?

Padel racquets are definitely not tennis racquets, with a length of 45cm and a ‘face’ with a surface area of 26 x 29 cm. Padel balls and tennis balls are virtually the same, with only the internal psi pressure being different. Your average tennis ball has a psi of 14 and a Padel ball has a psi of 11.

As Padel tennis is usually played with doubles, you’ll need a racket for yourself and your partner will need to get one. The same goes for your opponents and once you’ve got these, the balls, and have reserved a place to play you are ready to try Padel tennis.

Beginning the match

The start of the match involves a coin-flip in order to decide which side will be serving first. The winner also gets to choose which side that their pair will be playing on. The serve is an underarm serve, below hip-height, and the ball is bounced into play, rather than launched as you would in tennis. Now you just need to know how to score and how to win, so let’s proceed and get you ready to play.

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What are the rules for playing Padel tennis?

Padel Tennis has your basic tennis rules but there are a number of variations that you will need to learn since you are incorporating the walls. Here are the ways in which you and your partner may score points:

  • If your opponent hits the ball into the net
  • If the ball hits one of your walls or leaves the enclosed ‘cage’ area
  • If the ball bounces more than twice on the ground on their side
  • If your opponent gets hit by the ball
  • If the opponent hits the fence/wall on their side before the ball crosses the net

How do you win the game?

Scoring is done like tennis, with counts of 15, 30, 40, and then the game is won. A 40-40 tie in Padel is referred to as a ‘Deuce’ and is settled by the first side to score again twice. You and your opponent will play for the best out of 3 sets and each set will consist of 6 games.

This gives you plenty of time to work up a sweat and a strategy and once you’ve had a taste of Padel action you won’t be going back soon to Tennis.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now that you know the rules you are ready to give this popular game a try and see what all the fuss is about. Get your gear and make a reservation at your nearest Padel court location, which you can find via Google if you just do a search for ‘Padel court locations near me’. Finally, get plenty of sleep the night before, because this game gets crazy and you are in for a workout.

Good luck and we hope you have a great time discovering your new favorite sport!

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