Court Reservation is especially developed for the needs of tennis clubs and small sports field operators. We focus on a really simple setup process of the system and also on the ease of use for its users.

Court Reservation - Online Reservation

Create & Delete Reservations

The most important feature, obviously, is to be able to create and delete reservations. It is extremly important that the reservation process is as smooth as possible, so that it can be done by everyone in your club.

Manage Events

Besides regular reservations, in a club, there various events too. In Court Reservation administrators can create all kinds of events from inside the WordPress Backend. You can differ between weekly recurring events, or one time events as well.

Court Reservation - Online Reservation
Court Reservation - Online Reservation

Ladder Competitions

In our new ULTIMATE plan, we introduced a new feature ladder competition.

A tennis ladder competition, aka pyramid tournament, is a competition that allows tennis players to move up strategically and down a ladder according to their match wins. The player who reaches the top of the pyramid and remains in that spot is declared the winner.

See this demo to better understand how it looks.


And even more possibilities…

Here is a list of all bigger and smaller features of our Plugin

Integration via Shortcode

Once a court is created you get a Shortcode which you can integrate anywhere on your site.


Color, size and much more of the reservation table can be changed in the UI settings.

Mobile Friendly

The reservation table is optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Focused on the Needs of Clubs

Because of years of experience in club life, we know what is needed and we created our plugin accordingly.

Members Management

All you need is a Email-adress and name of each member. The plugins sends password automaticly to the members.

Different Reservation Types

Every club has different exibition typs. So in Court Reservation you can create your own reservation types.

E-Mail Notifications

Activate E-Mail Notifications to receive an E-Mail when someone does a reservation with you.


Full- and Half Hour Slots possible

You can have full-hour slots,  or half-hour slots. Also you can set the time each user is allowed to book per reservation.

Calender Navigation

The normal reservation table can show up to 9 days in the frontend. With “Calender View” you can scroll even further.

Subscription or Lifetime-License

You are free to choose between a subscription based licensing method, or pay once for a Lifetime-License. Either way you receive future updates for the plugin. If you want to know more about pricing follow the link below.

Court Reservation - TC Mining - Court Reservation - Online Reservation
Court Reservation - TC Geretsberg - Online Reservation
Court Reservation - Tennisclub Adelmannsfelden - Online Reservation
Court Reservation - Margine Roos - Online Reservation

"The tool is very easy to configure and fits very well for our needs. If there is something unclear or if we have a feature request, we get very fast support."

– BSV-Tennis Admin

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