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Works for Your Club

With our new plans, you get your own Club Website which includes complete WordPress Website-Hosting. Set it up with only a few clicks. You get a Premium WordPress Website, a fully licensed Court Reservation Plugin, and fully customizable to your own needs.

You still can get Court Reservation Plugin for WordPress here.


$ 0.00 /mo

This is our premium plan. 

  • $ 0.00, billed every 3 months
  • $ 479.99, billed yearly
  • 14 day Free Trial
  • WordPress Premium Theme
  • Court Reservation Premium
  • Up to 200 Members


$ 0.00 /mo

This is our Ultimate plan. 

  • $ 0.00, billed every 3 months
  • $ 899.99, billed yearly
  • 14 day Free Trial
  • WordPress Premium Theme
  • Court Reservation Ultimate Plan
  • Ladder Tournaments
  • Unlimited Members

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a WaaS-Subscription?

WaaS means “Website as a Service“. So we take care of the hosting and all the technical setup. That way, creating your own website is very easy. In the section above you can select a plan and go through the wizard.

After finishing the wizard you already have a working site with online reservations. You then are able to manage everything like it is your own site.

What are the costs for running the website?

Besides the monthly subscription fee, you won’t have any ongoing costs for running your website. The subscription starts at $ 579,99 per year.

What is the difference between Premium and Ultimate WaaS-Subscription?

With our Premium WaaS-Subscription, you get a Premium WordPress-Website-Theme with included Court Reservation System. With the premium subscription, you can choose freely a subdomain from courtreservation.io (example.courtreservation.io).
In our Ultimate plan, you have all the advantages from our Premium plan, plus a top-level domain for your country (example.com). You also get unlimited Ladder Tournaments included on your website.

What is Ladder Competition?

Ladder Competition is a feature of a Court Reservation ULTIMATE. A detailed article on what it is you can find here.

Can you set up the website for me?

For a setup fee of 300 $, we can do the whole setup for you. That includes adding your logo, a custom background, and all your members.
If you have specific club colors, we will change the site accordingly as well.

How do I purchase the Premium Version of Court Reservation (Plugin only)?

The easiest way is to download the plugin directly through the WordPress respository. After installation you can go into the settings of court reservation and purchase a license key directly out of your WordPress Admin panel.

Do I get an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, after successfully purchasing the license key you automatically receive an invoice for your order.

What payment methods are accepted for the plugin?

We accept credit card or PayPal.

Still have questions?

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