7 Reasons Why WordPress is GREAT to create your Tennis Club Site!

WordPress is an industry-standard Content Management System and website design tool. As such, it is also a valued product used by individuals and businesses worldwide who want a simple and elegant content hosting solution. In this article, we will be breaking down the different use cases of WordPress as a tool, showing you exactly why WordPress is great to create your tennis club siteTo briefly summarize before our full, comprehensive breakdown: WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility, customization, and varied browser support.  More so than that, the support with a huge range of widgets means that your site can have so many ways for your club members to access you, your club, and any content you might want to post there.

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1. Widgets and Plugins are Excellent.

This is one of the central reasons that WordPress is so highly valued by so many. The content management system’s implementation of Widgets and Plugins is utterly peerless. 

Widgets are little insertable elements that site visitors can interact with when they are on your site. This can include embedded video players, podcast players, photo galleries, and the like. There are a whole host of these little tools you can incorporate into your content and tend to help increase your site’s prominence, keeping your club members entertained on the site. 

Plugins are elements that get installed on your end, often helping with parts of content management, and editing. The unique and unparalleled flexibility that this offers makes WordPress a particularly attractive option.

2. Host and Visitor Friendly

The previous point plays into this one somewhat. For new website writers, WordPress is incredibly user-friendly, and the granularity of customization offered in Widgets and Plugins allows for fresher content creators to make it more so if they should desire. 

Not only that, but the themes that are applied to WordPress’ UI are always clean, distinct, and easy to use for site visitors. That means that no matter what age or competency your club members have, a WordPress site should always be simple to navigate and operate. 

3. The Themes of your Dreams

Another draw of the WordPress content management system are the gorgeous themes, both free and premium, you can access and customize your site’s aesthetics with. 

This means that your tennis club site will not be saddled with a boring, standard template that does not engage your members. Your tennis club site can be outfitted with some gorgeous and active themes that really bring out the energy you would want in a tennis-themed site. 

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4. Built-In-Blogs

This feature is simple. Rather than needing to create your own blog section, WordPress smartly anticipates this need of the modern website and allows you to get publishing content as quickly as possible. 

The WordPress in-built blog in question is fast, responsive, readable on mobile, and has options for embedding other sites, videos, and media players in each post. Sites with a lot of blog content tend to do well in Google searches and other engines, as the more content you have for visitors to explore, the more activity is recorded on your site.

5. Get Your Site Ranking High: Grab New Customers Using Local SEO

Now, SEO functionality does not necessarily need to be the primary concern of a tennis club site, as a lot of your visitors will already be members of your club. However, locally-focused Search Engine Optimization can be an incredibly powerful tool to increase the amount of foot traffic your club will see – probably increasing your membership numbers!

WordPress sites tend to be well optimized for search engine ranking due to their quick response times and mobile loading speeds, but also has loads of SEO focused plugins that can help you in this regard. 

Yoast SEO is the most famous of these and provides some powerful free tools as well as comprehensive premium coverage. This can give you some compelling localized SEO options, which will be able to boost your ranking in local searches (which is proven to increase foot traffic to your business or club). 

6. Scale Nice on Any Device

Another key component of keeping your members engaged with and using your website is making sure that whatever device they are using their experience is as fast and efficient as possible

WordPress is optimized automatically for mobile, PC, and tablet usage. Every theme on WordPress’s marketplace must be able to scale across different devices, which means that no matter how you customize your tennis club site’s aesthetics, your members will always have lightning-fast responses when accessing your content. 

As an additional bonus here, having a fast mobile performance for your site means that you will rank better in all online searches, potentially aiding your club’s discoverability.

7. Community and Company Support

Last, but by no means least, is the community and company support offered by WordPress and its extensive user base. WordPress makes up 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world, with 455 million different websites powered by WordPress. 

This means that the support you can get from the wider WordPress community is huge. Any problem you can think of has likely been experienced by another community member – and the fact that they’re still using the service implies that most minor issues are fixable.

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